Adopting Joy


About Podcast

The Adopting Joy podcast was created to help you overcome adversity, follow your fate, and find joy, so you can create your best life. Join Colleen Joy Ryan as she shares inspirational insights and actionable tips, tools, and techniques on topics like dealing with difficult people, how to get and stay motivated, transforming your past into your purpose, inspiring dog stories, and more


  • 02. A Story about Hope, Happiness and Healing Colleen Joy Ryan Turning your pain into purpose. The joy that adopting a dog brought into my life. Talk about the healing power of a puppy. // ️ My reflections from Cannon Beach, the Disneyland for dogs. 0:00 // 🐕 The story behind Adopting Joy. 3:40 // 😇 How fate brought Joy into my life. 7:26 // 👣Why I embrace the unexpected. 11:50 // Key Takeaways: 🤲 We get what we need, not necessarily what we think we want. // 🕯️ Look for the light in every dark situation. // 🗣️ What is a story YOU could share with others of turning your pain into purpose? // 😃Adapting to change is one of the secrets to adopting joy.
  • 3. No Coincidences Colleen Joy Ryan An about a strange "coincidence" that happened to me. There are NO coincidences, but there are signs and synchronicities that guide us along the way. I received a sign and it was the strangest one but at the right time. Life is full of miracles and I believe my adopted dog Joy is still with me somehow. // ✨How Joy taught me to pay attention to the synchronicities in life. 1:12 // 🖼️ A snapshot of Joy and my life with her. 3:31 // ❤ The sign I received after posting a picture of Joy on Instagram. 6:21 // 😇 The meaning of my experiences and why I share my messages. 10:14 // 💕What story can you share that would bring hope to others? 15:02 // Key Takeaways: 🐕Your beloved pets are waiting for you. // 🏆 We rise by uplifting others.