07. How You Can Get Motivated and Stay Motivated!


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Tips and tools on how to get motivated and stay motivated. //

πŸ“… How to make the most of your days. 1:12 //
Β πŸ‘£ How to practice patient persistence. 3:01 //
Β πŸ“Why there is no perfect time. 6:54 //
 ⏩ The importance of failing forward. 9:03 //
   ⏰ Why you need to get up 30 minutes earlier on your busiest days. 10:34 //
 😴Why you need to take a break before you can have a breakthrough. 13:46 //
 ⌚Why you need to arrive at all of your meetings at least 5 minutes early. 16:40 //
Β βœ”How to let go of the multitasking myth and learn to focus. 17:52 //
πŸ“‹ How to stop overthinking your to-do list. 20:20 //
Β  πŸ”₯How to use discouragement to fuel your dream. 21:58 //
 🌞 How to start your day when you’re feeling blue. 24:40 //
πŸΌβ€βš• Why we need to care for our minds and not just our bodies. 27:10 //
🌈Why going outside will change your day. 27:50 //
πŸ™‡ How to practice gratitude. 28:30 //
πŸ˜‡ How to be EXEMPLARY. 31:09 //
♀ How to let your learning lead to action. 42:28 //