Pay $500 Startup Fee

Pay a flat fee of $500 to start your podcast. We will…

  • Publish your podcast to iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, Castro, Radiopublic, Breaker, Tunein, Castbox
  • Post your podcast on social networks (links should be provided to your Project Manager)
  • Commission cover art from an award-winning designer
  • Develop your brand
  • Select music for your intro and outro
  • Supply technical support for setting up your recording gear and software
  • Help you find the best gear for the most affordable prices
  • Recommend recording software based on your specific needs
  • Provide tips for creating show notes

Pay $99/month, and get the following benefits …

Pay $99/month, and you will receive:

►Hosting your audio files

►Membership / community

►Webinars / other education

►Text support (limited)

►Submission and verification of each episode to all podcasting networks

►Potential inclusion in Podcasts That Matter networks (contingent upon application)

Pay for what you use

►Minimum package is ½ hour (to be used for one episode only) – $100/month

►Maximum package is 10 hours (to be divided in ½ hour blocks only) – $1500/month

►One ½-hour block will expire each month. The rest of the hours will roll over to the following month, and will all expire following 1 year.

Includes editing, sound processing and mastering, adding ID3 tags, publishing to 12 podcast networks, posting show notes, and hosting the audio files for the show.

Additional Coaching

►Add additional coaching calls for $100/hour (billable to the ½ hr)

►Add additional custom services or high-level support for $100/hour (billable to ½ hr)


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