Adopting Joy

The Adopting Joy podcast was created to help you overcome adversity, follow your fate, and find joy, so you can create your best life. Join Colleen Joy Ryan as she shares inspirational insights and actionable tips, tools, and techniques on topics like dealing with difficult people, how to get and stay motivated, transforming your past into your purpose, inspiring dog stories, and more


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  • 02. A Story about Hope, Happiness and Healing Colleen Joy Ryan Turning your pain into purpose. The joy that adopting a dog brought into my life. Talk about the healing power of a puppy.️ My reflections from Cannon Beach, the Disneyland for dogs. 0:00🐕 The story behind Adopting Joy. 3:40😇 How fate brought Joy into my life. 7:26👣Why I embrace the unexpected. 11:50Takeaways: 🤲 We get what we need, not necessarily what we think we want.🕯️ Look for the light in every dark situation.🗣️ What is a story YOU could share with others of turning your pain into purpose?😃Adapting to change is one of the secrets to adopting joy.
  • 3. No Coincidences Colleen Joy Ryan An about a strange "coincidence" that happened to me. There are NO coincidences, but there are signs and synchronicities that guide us along the way. I received a sign and it was the strangest one but at the right time. Life is full of miracles and I believe my adopted dog Joy is still with me somehow.✨How Joy taught me to pay attention to the synchronicities in life. 1:12🖼️ A snapshot of Joy and my life with her. 3:31❤ The sign I received after posting a picture of Joy on Instagram. 6:21😇 The meaning of my experiences and why I share my messages. 10:14💕What story can you share that would bring hope to others? 15:02Takeaways: 🐕Your beloved pets are waiting for you.🏆 We rise by uplifting others.
  • 04. How to Overcome Procrastination: 5 Easy Tips Colleen Joy Ryan 5 easy tips on how to stop procrastination in your life. ABC easy steps and you don't want to miss it. // 🙋🏼 Answering a frequent question: how to overcome procrastination. 1:12 // 🗣️ A lesson from the haters: the only one standing in your way is you. 2:16🎬 Action produces tracraction: never wait until you “feel like it.” 8:35📋 Why you should always do your least favorite task first. 11:13 🥵 What you procrastinate today only compounds tomorrow’s pressure. 14:54🍎 Remembering your ABCs: Action, Baby Steps, Confidence! 18:02
  • 05. Interview With Filmmaker Caden Butera on Going For Your Dream Colleen Joy Ryan Here are the life story and tips about: When is the “right time” to pursue your dream? Why talent is not the most important for success? What is important for success? "Don’t wait for permission!" says my today's guest, young filmmaker Caden Butera from Paradox Studios. Find joy in taking a leap of faith.️ 🎙 Introducing Caden Butera. 1:12⏲️ Why you don’t need to wait for the “right time” to pursue your dream. 2:23🖇️ Why connections are huge… but they aren’t everything. 5:07😤 How to transform discouragement into the determination to succeed. 7:29🏘️ The power of surrounding yourself with people more successful than you. 8:23🏆 Why success is more about your attitude than your talent. 11:25🤝🏼 Why you should always make a human connection before a business connection. 17:06🧘 How to give yourself value outside of the work you’re doing, even when you fail. 19:22🗯️ Learning from negative criticism and the comment section. 24:19🌍 Why you’re not the main character of the world. 30:31🤸 Don’t wait for permission—take the leap of faith. 34:55
  • 07. How You Can Get Motivated and Stay Motivated! Colleen Joy Ryan Tips and tools on how to get motivated and stay motivated.📅 How to make the most of your days. 1:12👣 How to practice patient persistence. 3:01📝Why there is no perfect time. 6:54⏩ The importance of failing forward. 9:03⏰ Why you need to get up 30 minutes earlier on your busiest days. 10:34😴Why you need to take a break before you can have a breakthrough. 13:46⌚Why you need to arrive at all of your meetings at least 5 minutes early. 16:40✔How to let go of the multitasking myth and learn to focus. 17:52📋 How to stop overthinking your to-do list. 20:20🔥How to use discouragement to fuel your dream. 21:58🌞 How to start your day when you’re feeling blue. 24:40🏼‍⚕ Why we need to care for our minds and not just our bodies. 27:10🌈Why going outside will change your day. 27:50🙇 How to practice gratitude. 28:30😇 How to be EXEMPLARY. 31:09♀ How to let your learning lead to action. 42:28 //
  • 08. How to Overcome Rejection Colleen Joy Ryan 😨 The best ways to overcome your fears 00:10 // 👌 How not to take failure and rejection personally? 04:27 // 🎉 Why you should celebrate if the failure is your fault? 06:17 // 3⃣ The 3 life changing ideas to help you in overcoming rejection 12: 50 // 💪 Focusing on your strengths and your talents and not on what you fear about the future 18:55📝 Five tips for overcoming any feelings of rejection and feelings of failure 23:50👍 Avoid blaming – let go of the mistake you made, but don’t lose the lesson 24:09🙇 Overcoming adversity creates maturity. 26:36👩👨 Find mentors - model yourself after people you admire 29:09🙈 Why you mustn’t isolate yourself 31:01💪 Get at the root causes of procrastination 32:25⌛ Do what you can to the best of your ability and promise yourself you'll get back to it later 35:23🏁 The lesson of picking ourselves up and starting all over again 37:40