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    22. Talk About What Gets Your Ideas Flowing
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16. Improving Public Speaking Skills

E16 S | Jul 3, 2020 | Duration: 00:22:49

16. Improving Public Speaking Skills
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About Episode

Hosted by: Colleen Ryan

Tips on how to face a fear of public speaking and improve your skills. Remember: the importance of practice in order to perform better is essential.

The work is in the preparation; the fun is in the presentation 01:12
Ways of practicing for your presentation 03:45
The best ways to reduce nervousness 05:56
Why can recording yourself help you get better? 07:20
Practice self-love 08:36
Focus on helping others with your message 11:06
Know your audience and your purpose 12:27
Practice in front of safe and supporting people 13:12
Have an outline that's in bullets and phrases, listing your main points 14:31
Practice deep breathing before you begin 15:10
You never look as nervous as you feel 15:23
Don't be afraid of silence 16:25
Number one thing your audience will remember is your closing 18:
Starting with a story or a question that engages the audience 18:47
Wrapping up with punch 19:22

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