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    22. Talk About What Gets Your Ideas Flowing
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02. What is a mindset, it’s meaning, how does it work

E02 S | Jul 2, 2020 | Duration: 00:08:54

02. What is a mindset, it’s meaning, how does it work
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About Episode

Hosted by: Kent Gustavson and Cynthia Jaggi

What is a mindset, it's meaning, how does it work in relationships and how we need the influence to change it?

Hanging out inside the questions. 0:00
Exploring how to change your mindset. 1:07
The birth of “mindset” in the 1970s. 1:31
Why your mindset is, or isn’t, like a plateau. 1:59
The connection between mind and body. 2:30
What is your mindset today? 3:28
How events can change our mindset. 4:29
Why mindset is about relationships. 5:11
What success and influence-ability have to do with each other. 6:34
Why changing your mindset isn’t up to you. 7:26
Enjoying the discomfort of a good think. 8:17

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