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Podcasts that matter.

Your voice matters. That’s what we believe at Podcasts That Matter. After 15 years of publishing award-winning and bestselling books (at Blooming Twig Books), and a decade of working with leaders and organizations around the world on positioning, branding, and PR, we believe that podcasts are the quickest way to impact. We are laser-focused on democratizing thought leadership, and we have partnered with a California-based nonprofit, COT Education, to help amplify the stories of everyday entrepreneurs. Our mission is to lift up all voices that matter.

"For the rest of my life, I devote myself to things that matter. I publish books that matter.

I work with clients who are going to change the world - if I can. Everything I do, I want to do because it matters."

From “We Are Alive” TEDx Talk, October 2013
Kent Gustavson, Ph.D.
Founder, Podcasts That Matter

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